Shave of the Day

I could have sworn I posted a short time ago about me trying a Shark Super Chrome and the Super Stainless for a comparison but I can’t find it anywhere. I know I did it though. Sigh. Anyway. Been playing with my new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and decided to take a photo. I understand from comments online that outside in bright sun it takes pretty decent photos, but indoors in the shade it lacks. My bathroom isn’t the best lit in the world and I think I see what they mean. It’s a bit grainy at full resolution.

The paint on my newish Semogue 1520 is starting to crack. With the exception of one painted vintage brush, all the rest start to crack. The only thing I can figure is that inside where the knot is glued, there must be an unprotected part, or it is the metal collar area that has a bit unprotected and the water is getting tot he wood and making it expand. I will not be buying anymore painted handles.


  • Hot shower/ Dial body wash



  • Cold water rinse
  • Barbasol Brisk aftershave

Oh. this was the last of the Southsea Spray from Wickham. Pretty good soap but expensive for us in the US. Now I have my salsa bowl for making lather if I want.



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