Shave of the Day ~ Gone fishing

No photo today. After about two hours sleep I got up and loaded fishing gear in van, got my son ready and was off to my Dad’s for some fishing today. It’s not after 5pm and I’m just so worn out. When we got to the pond, I got in the little boat and paddled around fishing from different spots. My little boy stayed with his Pop-pop and learned how to cast his line and was the first one to catch a fish today….. and the second fish too. I tell ya what. I think he was more proud of his casting abilities that catching the fish. After about 30 minutes after the second fish his interest wore off and he went exploring in the mud and trying to catch dragonflies. It was a real joy as a parent seeing him learn from my dad. Learning how to fish is something I’ve wanted him to learn from my dad since before he was born (my dad is better at fishing than myself). Happy times. I was able to point out a 2 1/2 to 3 foot snake to him swimming through the water so that was cool. My dad caught about 8 bream and 1 bass and I caught 4 bass and 2 bream. It sure was nice taking the boat by myself. That might be the first time I’ve been in a boat all by my self and it was very very peaceful. Makes me want to get some land and house near some body of water and a small sailboat and just go out once in awhile and cast some lines and read a book.

Oh. Shave, right!


  • Hot shower/ Dial body wash


  • Soap – Tcheon Fung Sing – Freschezza Polare
  • Brush – Slate Shave pure badger
  • Razor – Schick Injector E-2
  • Blade – Schick (4)


  • Cold water rinse

So I got to thinking about those little flaps of skin covering the base of the hairs on my neck and wondered what would happen after two weeks or so if I keep doing ATG on the neck. Wouldn’t those little skin flaps that get cut start to heal properly and flat? This Injector really glides so easily ATG down there. I did ATG pass on neck and XTG pass on cheeks. The neck is just as smooth as yesterday and no bleeding and does not feel sore at all. My cheeks are pretty rough now at this time of day and I could have gone ATG this morning there but just didn’t think about it.  This is such a great shaver!

The Slate pure badger lost only 3 hairs this morning. I’m hoping for none tomorrow. It really is a wonderful brush to use and I think the handle is awesome!

No aftershave today. I just couldn’t think what would pair well with worms, mud , scented lures, catfish bait and fish.  Nope. I got nothing for that. It’s okay. Face felt great and I’m getting used to no alum.

Shave on people!


One thought on “Shave of the Day ~ Gone fishing

  1. My sister and her boyfriend are big into fishing. They are gone every weekend to catch fish and right now it’s halibut but I think they caught some bass last weekend, too. Lots of fish to freeze!


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