Shave of the Day

So yesterday was a day off from shaving… and pretty much everything else. I didn’t have any energy and had some running around to do. My level of optimism was very low after a text I got that morning and I just didn’t want to do anything. After a good deal of praying and some sleep I’m back to my optimistic ways and got an early shower and shave in.  It’s 10:44 now and I’ve knocked out half my honey-do list already. 

So I had planned on using a DE razor today but I got to thinking about the Injector I used last and how mild it felt and wondered how it would do with an extra day growth. I was very pleased. I did two XTG passes and then I was feeling so good and happy that I did a full on true ATG pass on the entire face. It glided over the neck hairs like butter. No nicks that I saw. Cold rinse and towel dry and I got dressed. Came back to the bathroom and it still looked great. Applied some Aqua Velva and that’s when I saw the bleeders. It’s only on the neck where those hairs grow flat and sideways and there is that little flap of skin over each that gets raised. It’s not the razor or method, it’s just bad luck to have hairs and skin grow that way. But I have got to thinking that if I do this every day then perhaps that will disappear. So that is what I will try to do for a week unless it goes downhill. My neck feels fine and I think I am off to a good start.

For the record. The Slate shave brush only lost 4 hairs this morning. That’s 55 hairs lost since I got it. Still a fantastic brush. Once it has been shed free for three shaves in a row I’ll post my Amazon and company reviews as per requested by the company.

Looks like TFS may have discontinued the Freschezza Polare scent.



  • hot shower/ Dial body wash


  • Soap – Tcheon Fung Sing – Freschezza Polare
  • Brush – Slate Shave pure badger
  • Razor – Schick Injector type E-2
  • Blade – Schick (2)


  • Cold water rinse
  • Aqua Velva aftershave



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