Shave of the Day – Slate Shave

I am one of the 39 recipients of a free Pure Badger “Slate Shave brush with the condition that I post a couple of reviews (Amazon and their site). I’m not ready to do a full on review yet as it will take a few shaves to gather my thoughts on this. For now let’s go with packaging and how it felt.

The box it comes in is a pretty sturdy box.


Inside the handle is wrapped in thin gift wrapping paper with care instructions folded on the side.


Dry and unused at this point. Smell of badger. Funny story. I brought it out to my mother-in-law and told her to smell it. She smelled it and said”awww, that smelled nice”. Knew she couldn’t be honest with me. Told it was badger and that funky smell is what a badger smells like. She then proceeded to tell me it smelled awful. Sigh


Here we have my badger brushes. Left to right is a vintage Ever~Ready 200T with original knot..or what is left of it, a Parker Best badger (my first brush), a recently acquired Semogue 740 Pure badger, a also recently acquired Elite best badger and the newest Slate Shave Pure badger on the end. Do notice that the Slate brush knot doesn’t seem very even.. What I mean is the bloom of it. Seems more straight on the right.


A 10 second load of Van der Hagen deluxe


This is after some palm lathering with a wet palm. The soap really got worked into the hairs.


This photo is after a palm lather and dry time over night and then today’s shave with some dry time.


On to our Shave of the Day:


  • Warm shower/ Neutrogena Men Invigorating face wash


  • Soap – Van der Hagen Deluxe
  • Brush – Slate Shave pure badger
  • Razor – Schick Injector Type N
  • Blade – Schick (8)


  • Cold water rinse
  • The Body Shop Maca Root Razor Relief balm
  • Geo. F. Trumper Spanish Leather cologne


With palm lathering last night and today’s shave I have lost a total of 18 hairs. In my book it is normal to lose a few when breaking it in.  Looking at this photo I can tell that the bloom of the knot is not even. Compared to my other badgers, the loft is shorter, the handle is longer and this brush just might be the softest I have. Water retention was very very good in my book and it loaded the soap very nicely and worked just fine on my face but felt very soft and I think it had the least amount of backbone compared to my others. The handle was an excellent length for MY hands and my thumb rested nicely in the top chrome section. The brush is assembled in China and quality control is done on randomly selected brushes. When my hands were dry and the brush was dry I found a small metal burr on the lower half of the chrome handle. It is so small that I can’t even get a photo of it and can not feel it when wet. I will not count off for that. Really not ready for a full write up as I want to see how many more hairs fall out. I hope it doesn’t turn out as bad as my Parker has been. Just going to say I was very pleased with how it worked and felt.

Face was a bit raw from the aggressive shave yesterday. Did one XTG pass and then a XTG pass on neck. I had some discomfort on the neck and grabbed the Razor Relief from The Body Shop.  Just the smallest dab on my face and all the discomfort was gone and remains gone to this time( over 7 hours later). For the cost and what it is designed to do, this is my favorite balm. The scent is nearly not there and any aftershave or cologne can go on top of it just fine. If I could only have one balm to use, it would be this one.

The blade is still sharp and smooth to me. Cheeks are nice and smooth and the neck looks good and feels nearly smooth. Loving the Injector!




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