Shave of the Day ~ Williams Wednesday ~ doctor visits

It’s that time of the week again where we break out the Williams Mug Soap! I have a puck, now two, of the vintage Williams where the first main ingredient is Tallow. The newer version is different and lathers different too. Yes, you can whip the modern kind into a great thick wad of lather, BUT it isn’t as good as the old one. I’ve used the modern and I can attest to that!

Speaking of vintage, I’m not getting any younger and over the past year I have noticed that things seem a bit out of focus and reading isn’t as easy as it once was. I’m turning 43 in July and decided that I would see the eye doctor when my wife goes for her annual visit. My check up went pretty well but I need glasses for reading. I do not have to wear them for driving or anything, it’s just to make it easier to read a book and labels and what not.  He said that down the road I may find that I need to wear glasses all the time. Fortunately I think I’m darn sexy in glasses so there!

Saw the dentist today. I go every six months and get x-rays once a year. Since my last visit I have really pushed myself to brush once a day and I sometimes I get into a flossing kick. Since my brushing habits have improved I haven’t had any teeth/ gum pain so I told them I was skipping x-rays. Anyway. Teeth cleaning and flossing was super quick and no cavities. A lot less scraping of the teeth to remove plaque so there is something to this regular brushing. The reason for my more frequent brushing is my gum line has receded so much from when I was younger and brushed more often. I’ve already gotten a fake leg that I wear daily. I don’t want fake teeth too…. So I’m going to keep trying to brush at least once a day and floss when I remember too.

The next step is to go get a physical. Ugh.. that’s what I don’t want to do.

Anyway. Back to the shave. I didn’t really lather up too much as I only did one XTG pass and then had to get going.  I was tempted, really tempted to use the Aqua Velva Redwood, but since I was to be in the dentist chair I thought Pinaud Clubman would be more neutral to people noses. Honestly I needed nothing. The tallow really leaves the skin soft and feeling good.


  • lukewarm shower/ soap


  • Soap – Williams Mug Soap (vintage)
  • Brush – Semogue 740 (badger)
  • Razor – GEM 1912
  • Blade – Treet Super (5)


  • Cold water
  • Pinaud Clubman aftershave
  • 5-14



4 thoughts on “Shave of the Day ~ Williams Wednesday ~ doctor visits

  1. Rocking the Williams. I’ve had glasses 48 of my 50 years. Bifocals for 5 years. Seems to get worse everytime I go to the eye doctor. But, there’s others worse off, so I don’t like to complain.


    • Never needed glasses till now. Got bonus points from my wife for getting this done not longer after I started to notice a change. She likes that about me.


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