My find(purchase) at a local yard sale….

Okay. it was actually in a basement. I was driving back home and decided to just drive around and try to find this estate sale that was being advertise. Never found it but I did find a basement sale. First thing I see on the table is shaving stuff. 4 or 5 straight razors, a hone, a stropper for DE blades, a bunch of GEM’s and Schick Injectors, a couple of Gillettes, a vintage puck of Williams mug soap, some old Mennen and Palmolive shaving cream (vintage and used) and some brushes. Did some haggling and got a very nice, excellent condition Ever~ready shovel head with worn case, A GEM 1912 gold tone with ornate handle and a excellent condition (maybe never used as there was no scratch from the swivel thing until I did it) Schick Injector Type E-2 Possibly the deluxe model (pat 1806087).

These are after a light cleaning. Not pictured is the vintage (no bar code) puck of Williams Mug Soap. I got all 4 items for 28 dollars.

 _MG_0016 _MG_0017 _MG_0018 _MG_0019 _MG_0020 _MG_0021 _MG_0022 _MG_0023 _MG_0024 _MG_0025 _MG_0026 _MG_0028 _MG_0029 _MG_0030 _MG_0032


The man said I could have it all for $200 (razors) but I’m not a collector or re-seller and I only wanted one of each that I did not have.  Wish I knew what grit that hone was.. he only wanted 3 dollars.


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