Shave of the Day ~ Floral Fridays

Yup. Floral Fridays. I made it up. Clever right? So, on Fridays I will be using a soap or aftershave that is floral in nature. Tabac, lavender scented soaps, mint, or todays.. Klar Kabinett. The Klar I have is rose scented. This is from a generous sample from Todd Bryant and came from the brick that was once sold. Sadly it is discontinued. It really is a shame as it is a top notch soap. I kid you not.  Not a big fan of the scent. Oh the scent is spot on and smells like roses. I like the smell of roses, but I don’t want to smell like roses. But I can look past that as it is simply awesome when it comes to shaving. Slick, cushion, everything is just right.


  • Hot shower/ soap


  • Soap – Klar Kabinett
  • Brush – Van der Hagen boar
  • Razor – GEM G-bar
  • Blade – Treet Super (8)


  • Hot water
  • Cold water
  • Aqua Velva Ice Blue (vintage) with added Menthol crystals.

I don’t think I can say anything bad about the performance of this soap. LOL. there’s a hair in my soap. Just saw that. Anyway. Nothing bad can be said about the performance. Simply awesome.

8th shave with the same blade and it’s definitely dulling. No cuts or nicks or anything and BBS after doing the same as yesterday with an additional touch up pass. I’m sure with a lesser soap I would have been in pain but this did well. Will do a head shave tonight for the 9th use and discard. Same set up so I wont bother posting the results.

I got some menthol crystals from Jim Hice yesterday and I put some in some Corn Huskers lotion to use as a preshave and I put some in the vintage AV Ice Blue since it didn’t have any coolness to it. I totally forgot the Corn Huskers in my rush but not the AV. Just a few crystals and it felt nice and cool! Love it!

I am sorry but I have totally forgotten who sent me the GEM G-bar. I’ve been using it all week and have totally fallen in love with it. This will give the others a run for their money!

In other news, in my rush to get out the house, grab a bite at McDonald’s and pick up my son I walked out of the house without my keys. Totally and completely locked out of the house. My neighbor wasn’t home so I couldn’t get the spare key and my wife and her boss weren’t answering the phones. Had to call the school and I got one of the other parents to take my son home with them. Crisis adverted, I sat on the front porch in the shade reading some books I bought for my son (30 of them that I had left in the unlocked vehicle) and waited for my wife to get my messages and come to the rescue. We got our boy at 4pm and had a nice dinner at a fast food place.  It was nice disconnecting myself from all things electronic and sitting in the shade enjoying the breeze and listening to the birds chirp and such.

Another thing. I have ducks. Okay, they aren’t mine exactly but I do care for them. There is a old pond out back. There use to be more but things happen and they aren’t alive anymore. There were 3 Peking ducks and a Blue Swedish. Now there is just one Peking (Donald) and a Mallard drake that has come into adulthood this year which I still call “Baby”. They are all that is left. Anyway. before Baby and his father (died) came on the scene, the 3 Pekings (Donald, Daisy and Lucy) and the Blue Swedish (Daffy) would come up to my back door and crawl under (and sometimes on top) my large rosemary bush. It was mostly the two females that did this but they aren’t here anymore. Donald still does it to this day. So I figured I’d Google rosemary and ducks and see if I could find out why…… and all I get back are duck recipes. Thanks Google. Time to step outside and whistle them to the door for a snack of corn. Yes. They respond to my whistle. By the way, just so you all know, FEEDING BREAD TO DUCKS IS NOT GOOD FOR THEM AT ALL. 



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