Shave of the Day ~ No Theme Tuesday


  • Hot Shower/ Soap



  • Hot Water
  • Cold Water
  • Brut Attitude aftershave

The white stuff in the salsa bowl in the background is more of the lather and was more than I needed. The brush is half the size of a Semogue 830 but after working on it I had enough lather for at least 5 passes. We will never know as I only did two passes. One XTG and then a touch up for a flawless BBS shave. The Brut Attitude is a perfect companion for the Southsea Spray scent.  The neck passes were smooth and the blade easily glided through the stubble. The only problem I had was my right cheek on touch up (ATG) because of some acne coming up there. That happens nearly every time I have a BBS shave on that side, which I had yesterday. I really need to start washing my face more often at night I suppose.

I have yet to have a bad shave with the Wickham I think. I’d have to go back through my reviews but I’m pretty sure I am right. I have left what I kept of the sample out in the open and the scent is toned down a little. It’s a fresh clean scent. Think of clothes coming out of the washing machine and freshly washed. It’s okay for me but I prefer the Garden Mint.

5th shave for the same blade and since the neck pass went so well I will use it again tomorrow.


So I got to thinking of Soaps that I wish to try. It seems the list is pretty much all small artisans. Here is my list of shaving soaps I want to get my hands on. Some may never happen due to price.

HTGAM – Synergy

  • Lime
  • Gondolier
  • Coconut Bay (The idea of Coconut and Bay Rum is intriguing to my mind)
  • Lavender/Cedar
  • The Beach

Tiki Bar Soap

  • The Captain
  • Surfs Up
  • Land Locked
  • Salty Air
  • Spice Islands

Petal Pusher Fancies

  • Black Tea
  • Briar

Dapper Dragon Soaps

  • Dapper Dragon
  • Blood Orange

Catie’s Bubbles

  • Menta Terrosa
  • La Terre Verte
  • Le Piment de la Vie

An upcoming soap maker to be revealed with my May 1st SoTD

  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Passion


So what are my soaps that I will want to re-order once gone? Take a look.

HTGAM – Synergy

  • Cavendish

Tiki Bar Soap

  • Set Sail

Shaving Yeti

  • Shore Leave

Wickham Soap Co.

  • Super Smooth – Garden Mint

Tcheon Fung Sing

  • Frescheeza Polare

J. M. Fraser’s



This is incomplete as my time is up and I got to skedaddle!


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