Shave of the Day ~ How do I give it a try?

Some of my Facebook non traditional wet shavers friends or WordPress blog readers may be wondering, after seeing all these posts, how they can try without spending a lot of money. It’s pretty simple really.

4-25VDH CVS carries these kits for just over 12 dollars. I got my first one at Wal-mart a couple of years ago for about 8 dollars and I think they still carry them cheaper. I picked up a second one today at CVS which cost me under 7 dollars after redeeming extracare card stuff.  The soap is their deluxe line of soap and I think it is very nice. You can sit it int he bowl and nuke it for about 10 to 15 seconds and then let it set and solidify overnight to use the next. The brush is boar bristle and once broken in it is very soft. Unfortunately the thing tends to shed hairs often. For the price it is a good introduction to traditional wet shaving. You can go on Amazon or one of the shaving stores online and get a Merkur 23c (also known as the 180) for about 30 something dollars and you can get a tuck of blades, or a carton to be more economical from the same places. Some of the blades that many like are Astra Superior Platinum, Gillette Silver Blue, Feathers (might not be good for beginner), Bluebird and so forth. My advice is to steer clear of Dorco blades.  There are blade sampler packs out there also. All together it will be about 50 or 60 dollars. The razor will be the most expensive but it will last your entire life.  Most people seem to average about 3 shaves per blade. You might choose to upgrade to a better brush which ranges from 30 up to over 200 and has the chance of lasting a lifetime also.


On to the Shave of the Day


  • Hot Shower/ Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face wash


  • Soap – Tabac
  • Razor – GEM featherweight
  • Brush – Semogue 830
  • Razor – Treet Super (1)


  • Styptic pen
  • Cold Water rinse
  • Simply 7 Unscented mentholated aftershave balm


GEM featherweight….. Looks nice and nearly mint but it is not my friend. It is so mild that I feel I have to be aggressive with it and I always end up overdoing it.  I keep trying it, telling myself I’ll do better this time. Sigh. I’m not even BBS and my neck is a bit sore. The Styptic pen made quick work of the weepers. Just to clarify. I’m not slicing up my face. These razors are as save as cartridges IMO. The bleeding happens on my neck where the hairs grow sideways and flat to the skin. Cartridges did the same thing, but all the damage was done in one pass. With more traditional methods it takes multiple passes to get that kind of irritation. I just got to know when to stop. The Tabac is one of my favorite scented soaps and a top notch performer. It’s a floral powdery with a bit of spice. I love it. The Semogue 830 is one of those $30 brushes that will last a long long time.  Really the only thing wrong with this shave is my stubbornness, aggressive nature with THIS razor. (Should have used my bullet-tip)


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