Shave of the Day ~ Shaving Brotherhood Meetup ~ How to…

So today one of our fellow shaving brothers (Richard A.) was taking a bus down to Georgia from West Virginia to purchase a new rig. I drove over to Newnan with a new bottle of Brut Attitude, Boots shave stick and a partially used stick of Synergy Cavendish. Synergy Cavendish is in my top ten. Heck, it’s also in my top 5… no.. top 3 easily. This loads easily in stick form and I already have a 1/2 pound tin of it so I decided he should get it. Hard to part with it but after what he brought I feel badly I didn’t bring more. I didn’t take all that he brought though. He brought a Gillette Milord.  It’s a twist to open razor. I have two adjustable that are twist to open so I just didn’t see myself ever using it and figured he could pass it on to someone that would. The other was a Desert Storm sticker of which we are both veterans. I also happen to be service connected 100% disabled. Many Most times people see me and automatically assume I was Army or Marine Corp and lost it to an IED. When I explain my story and they find out that I actually used my body to shield a civilian from harm after the war and not blown apart by a bomb they shrug and leave without saying a word.  It hurts when that happens. There’s been a few times that I see someone thinking about asking me and I will turn and avoid them just to not have to go through it. Anyway. I figured that the sticker would draw more attention and I’m not really a sticker guy so I declined.

So what did I keep? More than I should have perhaps. Don’t worry, it will all get used! Honestly this stuff smells very very nice and it fits my style.

Top is a vintage puck of Williams Mug Soap. It’s old enough that the scent is completely absent! From left to right we have a very small sample of Hawk by Mennen. This came out in 1981 I think and is discontinued. You can understand why it’s a small sample. Second is a not so small sample of Aqua Velva Redwood. This is another discontinued aftershave and it smells awesome! Love it! Third in the row is Aspen aftershave. Very woodsy and right up my alley. Fourth is an older bottle of Stetson aftershave and recently one of my favorite scents. Vintage bottle of Aqua Velva Ice Blue aftershave. Smells different fromt he Aqua Velva I have now. Very nice. Fifth is a vintage Avon bottle of the Everest aftershave line in a Goodyear blimp bottle. It’s a woodsy, pine scented aftershave. Again it is right up my alley. 6th is a Schick TTO razor and one of the last DE razors I’ve been wanting. It’s cleaned up and ready to go now. Underneath is a half tube of Yardley Gold. It’s made in India now. Has an interesting scent so I’m gonna give it a go.


Let’s look at the Williams. I got it on the condition that I would take part in Williams Wednesdays. Williams Mug Soap was one of my first soaps when I started and I hated it. It dried on the face and the lather was subpar but I have always heard that the vintage Williams was much better. Well here it is:


I thought it would fit in one of my Old Spice cups and I tried and found that the puck was too small. When it comes to hard soaps there is a solution and many of the brotherhood does this.


That’s right. We grate it into a bowl of our choosing. After grating it all in I use my fingers to mash it down good and then I wet the top a bit and mash some more..


Tada! Problem solved. Tomorrow is Wednesday so you know what I’ll be using!

And finally we get to my Shave of the Day


  • Warm shower/ Soap


  • Soap – HTGAM Synergy Cavendish
  • Brush – Omega Sintex
  • Razor – 1940’s Gillette Contract Tech (all black)
  • Blade – Astra SP (1)


  • Cold Water / Alum
  • Avon Leather aftershave (vintage)

My goodness I love this soap. The Omega did a fair job with it but nowhere as good as a badger or boar. Yesterday’s shave really messed up my face (Croma’s going in pass around box when it gets here) so this soap really help keep my face feeling protected.  The Contract Tech is an extremely mild razor and I have decided it is not for me so this will go in the pass around box if I take anything else. This razor is one of my first razors and is one I actually purchased. Believe it or not, the majority of my razors where given to me. There are many outstanding gentlemen out there in this community.  The Leather aftershave was a great pairing also.



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