Speicktacular Easter Sunday Shave


  • Steamy hot shower/ soap


  • Soap – Speick (grated) shave stick
  • Brush – Semogue 830
  • Razor – Parker head on an Edwin Jagger body
  • Blade – Derby Extra (1)


  • Cold Rinse/ Alum
  • Speick aftershave

About to go eat at Golden Corral for Easter lunch with in-laws. I could cook (since no one else does) but my in-laws wont eat healthy stuff. Sigh. Anyway. Skipping church because of them. I rather go to church..grumble grumble…. Since I’m not going, I decided to fall back on what was my every day set up for Sunday until I had gotten the GFT cologne. Speick. It is an unique spicy masculine smell to my nose. It can build a lustrous lather and does a great job. The aftershave is another bonus as it has good things in it and has the same scent. I got this razor from a dear friend in England. He thought that he had sent me a complete EJ razor but I noticed it has INDIA stamped in the head indicating a Parker or Cadet razor. The body is from an Edwin Jagger razor. Assembled and you have an aggressive and heavy razor. The Derby Extra was not a smooth blade. It felt like I was dragging sandpaper across my face, but after two AGT passes I sit here completely blood/nick/irritation free! Fairly smooth all over except the trouble patches on the neck but even those are nice at the touch and look great. Don’t think I have ever felt that Derby blade feel that poorly before. Wow. Sandpaper. No joking.

Meeting one of the shaving brotherhood in person this week to exchange some things. Exciting! Will hit up some antique stores on the way over so maybe I’ll have some good stuff to post tomorrow.



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