Shave of the Day ~ Estate Sale finds ~ 4/19/14


  • 3 minute hot shower / Soap (Zest)


  • Soap – The Strop Shoppe Black Tie
  • Soap – C. O. Bigelow
  • Brush – Semogue 830
  • Razor – GEM Micromatic (bullet-tip)
  • Treet Super (4)


  • Cold water
  • Skin Bracer

Last of the Black Tie and with the in-laws in the house I needed just a bit of menthol as the heat was cranked up for them so I added some Bigelow (father-in-law wears a jacket and complains of being cold until it’s about 80 degrees). No, I’m not a super-lather person. I just need enough for 3 passes at the max and nothing left over. I hate to be wasteful. The Black Tie from The Strop Shoppe has been a very nice, light lavender notes, shave soap to try out.

The razor for today remains one of my favorites. The length is decent, it has a lot of weight and the learning curve isn’t as steep as a DE as the instructions is to lay the head flat (bullseye to skin) on skin and make your stroke. Yes, there is a bullseye on the head to remind you. I think bullseye is the more appropriate name but bullet-tip (tip of handle) seems to stick with people more. The blade had more shaves left in it, but I forgot to take it out and now it has started rusting so it’s been tossed. Sigh. Still have well over 200 blades which cost me the same as one cartridge replacement package. SEE HOW IT SAVES YOU MONEY NOW? I bought 240 blades on eBay for a after shipping total of $39.13. I get on average 5 shaves per blade. That gives me a total of 1200 shaves or over 3 years of shaving if I use nothing else. Before this I was using a Mach 3. Each cartridge would last about 10 days before it felt awful to shave with. I can get a pack of 15 Mach3 cartridges at Walgreens (online) for $37.44 after shipping. One package, 10 days each is a total of 150 shaves or a little more than a half year.  See people!

NO alum today. Just a lot of cold water rinsing and a nice splash of Skin Bracer FTW. Love that stuff.



So I went to an estate sale. It was the last day and all I could find were records.  I have a Crosley sitting behind me playing some Igo Stravinsky’s ‘Le sacre du printemps’ as I type this. My musical taste is pretty broad. Just like food, I’ll try anything at least once. I really like the sound of vinyl on a turntable and if it has a lot of hiss, crackle and pop I just get a damp wash cloth and wipe it in a circular motion and then dry with a lint free cloth and there you go.  These that I found looked to have been purchased in the 50’s through 70’s. As I go through I always look for ones that I remember my parents having when I was a kid. I think I have most now, with me passing on just a few that I had no interest in. I have to say my collection is now well over 200 records. There are just a few older Shellac records in my collection also. From comedy to Classical. Country to Rock. Soundtracks to Pop. Nice stack of jazz and Christmas music too. Anyway. Here’s what I got a 50 cents each (records are in like new condition and covers are worn as expected):

  • Sons of the Pioneers – Down Memory Trail
  • Sons of the Pioneers – Cool water (parents had this. I bought this not too long ago but this is in better condition. Will give the other to my Dad as a gift)
  • The Rocking Horse Players and Orchestra – Peter Pan (favorite children stores) (I have a 5 year old boy)
  • The Kingston Trio – Stereo Concert
  • Mantovani and his Orchestra – Operetta Memories
  • Mantovani and his Orchestra – The Mantovani Sound
  • Doris Day – Doris Day’s Greatest Hits
  • Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – The Lonely Bull (I have a few of these and they had about 5. This one I was sure I didn’t have already)
  • Kenny Rogers – Eyes that see in the Dark
  • Kenny Rogers – Kenny Rogers
  • Chet Atkins – Guitar Country (Never heard any of this so I put on on the turntable at the sale and took a listen. Not bad!)
  • Chet Atkins – Down Home
  • Chet Atkins – Teensville
  • Pavarotti – Pavarotti’s Greatest Hits (He’s that bearded Italian from The Three Tenors)
  • Percy Faith and his Orchestra – Great Folk Themes  (heard of the name but what made me buy it was a cover of Bob Dylans “Blowin’ In The Wind”
  • Stanley Black and His Orchestra – Spain (Loved the insert inside detailing the phase 4 stereo and how it was put together. Also I love Spain)
  • Hugo Winterhalter – Goes….South of the Border (I like Latin American music and the cover art was nice)
  • Tony Mottola and his Orchestra – Roman Guitar
  • The King and I soundtrack
  • The Rossini Overture Album – double album. I have this already but the cover and both records are in mint condition
  • The Moldau and Other Favorites – Leonard Bernstein New York Philharmonic
  • Hayden Symphony No. 93 in D/ No. 94 in G – George Szell Cleveland Orchestra
  • Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake – Gennady Rozhdestvensky Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra
  • Tchaikovsky’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1 – Arthur Fiedler Boston Pops/Morton Gould Chicago Symphony/Charles Munch Boston Symphony
  • Tchaikovsky 1812 – Erich Kunzel Cincinnati Symphony Ocrchestra —(Tchaikovsky is one of my favorite composers)
  • Rossini’s Greats Hits –
  • Liszit’s Greats Hits –

I really need a large man cave for all this stuff. What I really need to do is put my entire collection in a spreadsheet and print it out so I know what I already have.


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