Shave of the Day ~ 4/17/14


  • Hot shower/ Old Spice Fiji body wash


  • Soap – The Strop Shoppe – Black Tie (sample)
  • Brush – Century #4 boar (original knot)
  • Razor – Schick Injector N-type
  • Blade – Schick (5)


  • Cold rinse / Alum
  • Skin Bracer aftershave

Good soap that gets the job done. It’s lavender based I believe, but not straight up lavender.  I have used the Martin de Candre and I have some Sultan lavender but of the 4, this one I like best. It smells more ……. manly. 3 passes for a BBS feel on cheeks and nearly on the neck.

Skin Bracer for the win! Love Skin Bracer in the summer. That and Barbasol Brisk, which smells about the same. Moisturizes and cools and smells nice too.

Not a fan of the new old spice stuff. My wife told my in-laws that I like Old Spice and I’ve been getting the new scents from then ever since. Sigh.



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