Shave of the Day – Wickham Soap Co.- Southsea Spray


  • Hot Shower/ Nivea for Men Moisturizing Face wash



  • Cold Rinse / Alum
  • Brut Attitude aftershave

The Gillette Wilkinson Sword blades are much better than the Wilkinson Sword that you can, or used to, get at Wal-mart. It’s a shame I didn’t have time after taking this picture to take my time and really enjoy the slant.

The Southsea Spray is a fresh, detergent , clean clothes type scent. You know how you pull your washed clothes out of the washer and smell them. It’s that scent. Clean. It personally doesn’t do anything for me. That mystery soap I tried out for a week was the same way to me. This one is lighter and I didn’t notice it much during the shave. Of the two, I prefer the Garden Mint much more.

Being a croap, the lather making would be easier from a round container that it is shipped in. I’m using the squarish sample box so I have to pull some out and put it on my brush or bowl or face. That makes lather making a little different. What you see here is from a pea sized dollop and I got this lather in about 30 seconds. Yes, it was that easy. I can imagine that a full puck would be simply awesome! Tomorrow I’ll put some directly to the face and lather. That should be much better.

The glide was good and despite doing 2 passes in about 2 minutes time, I received no irritation or blood loss. 🙂

I really think this is a fine soap that performs nicely and does what it is supposed to do. I’ve had very nice shaves from both scents. I’m not crazy about the price, but everyone is different and some would say it isn’t that bad at all. If I had to choose just one of the two I’d pick the Garden Mint as it is the best smelling spearmint I have smelled so far. He must have used essential oils for that.

I think, the next thing to do is for me to send what is left of these samples to one of my friends at and let them try it out.

Ron, Jim or Aaron… Which one of you guys want to try it out and put out some reviews?




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