Shave del Dia ~ :)



  • Warm shower / Soap (Zest – probably got about a 8 month supply of this or more)


  • Soap – Tiki Bar Soap – Vegan – Set Sail
  • Brush – Rubberset 153 boar (original knot)
  • Razor – 1971 Gillette long handled super adjustable (Black Beauty)
  • Blade – Feather (2)
  • Bowl – VDH bowl


The Tiki outperforms the Green Mountain Soap (used yesterday) by a fairly good margin. I mean you can feel the difference as the razor glides across your skin. I also like the smell better. For me, Tiki falls in my top ten category…… which I haven’t made up yet.

Don’t know why I used the bowl today. I guess I just wanted more breaking in time on this brush.

Should I list all my soaps and then make a top ten? Maybe top ten for performance and a top ten for scent? What do you all think?

Either tomorrow or Tuesday I’ll break out the Wickham Southsea Spray and give it a run.

Forgot to mention. I did 2 or 3 passes which each pass feeling a bit cooler that the first thanks to the Tiki. It has a very light menthol feel that I pick up only on the second lathering. I always use the GFT cologne on Sundays, so I grabbed my sample of Simply 7 aftershave balm, which has a slight menthol kick to it. I wasn’t all onboard with the balm at first but I’m really coming around to it. Apparently I just used too much in the beginning!

And, you might notice that I am starting to link to various vendors. Sometimes the things I talk about I have bought. Sometimes I am given samples by the business to try out and give feedback. And other times it is just soap or other products that are traded or given between friends. I’m not getting paid by you clicking the link. Sharing stuff like this about a morning ritual that most men probably hate is just a way to pass the time and, hopefully, inform the public that there is more to shaving other than expensive cartridges and chemical smelling canned good. 

Anyway.. Does anyone really like all these Old Spice scents that are out? They all smell the same to me.



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