Shave of the Day ~ Wickham Soap Co.

Today I was doing a video, complete with a head shave, showcasing this soap. And just like yesterday I was interrupted and then to top it off, the batteries die after 15 minutes. So fed up with that camera right now. I just put in those batteries yesterday! So no video and no photos. I will talk about the soap.

Had my wife smell it yesterday and she says it smells like really good spearmint gum. I can smell that and fresh mint so it’s a good pleasant scent. Bowl lathering I can get some stiff peaks fairly quickly, but it’s not a thick razor blade gumming lather like Speick. I used just a dab to lather my entire face and head. I proceeded with the head and mowed down a week, almost two weeks, of hair and the stubble and lather rinsed cleanly out of the razor under running water. The glide of the razor was effortless. It really did such an outstanding job on my head. Absolutely NO irritation…………………. yeah…… that is one FINE head shave……

There was some lather still on the face when I had finished, but I re-lathered anyway to play it safe and did a quick one pass. I am starting to get some acne on my right cheek which always happens after 3 or 4 very close shaves so I didn’t want to push it.

I think they nailed the mint scent. The soap rinses off easier than a lot of my soaps I use and doesn’t appear to dry out my face. I’m not sure it lathers as well as some of mine for the amount of soap used, BUT it does the job perfectly. I’m still pretty impressed with how the head shave went and can’t stop feeling up there. With that blade and that soap I just had a delightful shave.


  • Hot Shower / Old Spice body wash


  • Soap – Wickham Soap Co. –Super Smooth –  Garden Mint
  • Brush – Parker best badger
  • Razor – Merkur 23c
  • Blade – Gillette Silver Blue (2)
  • Bowl – plastic salsa bowl


  • Cold water and nothing else.

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