Shave of the Day ~ Wickham Soap


Today is my first day trying Super Smooth shaving soap from the Wickham Soap Company.


  • Hot shower and soap (not that it matter today as I got distracted before the shave)


  • Soap – Wickham Soap Co. – Super Smooth – Garden Mint
  • Brush – Parker best badger
  • Bowl – Van der Hagen bowl
  • Razor – Merkur 23c
  • Blade – Gillette Silver Blue (1)


  • Cold water (some alum was apparently still on the washcloth I used)

My goal was to shave directly out of the shower with a video to go with it. I grabbed some rechargeable batteries I charged yesterday and they died instantly. I tried two more and same thing. Wandered around the house till I found some good old alkaline double A’s and I was good to go..,.. So I thought. By this time the dog needed attention and after that my son, then a phone call. Sheesh. It was 30 minutes before I pressed record and during the recording my son interrupted 4 times in the middle and at the end he told me someone was at the door. Also the first half I was out of frame so…. to heck with it.

The bowl and brush were sitting in warm water. I put a little dab of the garden mint on my brush and loaded in the bowl. Putting it on the brush may have been a mistake as I have, 5 hours later, taken a similar size dab and smeared it into the bottom of the bowl and gotten far better results. Apparently when I put it on the tip of the brush and went to lather it shoved that ball of soap up in the brush and it took more effort to work in. So for my first use I think we can say the trouble was on my side and not the soaps. Once I got the lather worked up I felt it. It wasn’t thick like Spieck. It was soft and something else. Not sure how to describe it. It was certainly slick though. Usually, for these type of soaps (croap consistency equal to body shop maca root or Art of Shaving) I swirl the brush directly on the soap and then lather so I’m out of practice for this method.

On the face it felt comfortable. No burning or anything.  Considering my face was no longer prep, I am surprised I got  3 1/2 passes, including an AGT and didn’t bleed any. I put cold water on my rag, which still had some alum in it and the soap came right off.  Did a little additional rinsing and that is that. No aftershave today. The face feels smooth and comfortable. It’s not moisturized like Synergy soaps, but it’s far from feeling dry or taunt.  I really need to work on my lathering technique. Need a bigger bowl too.

Scent. Ah. The Garden Mint smells more like actual spearmint than anything else. Compared it to KMF Cool Mint and it was completely different. Went out to my garden and broke off a twig and compared and it is more like that. It smelled fresh and real. Really really liked that!

Will try the video tomorrow perhaps. This soap is looking promising!



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