Shave(s) of the Day

Got some catching up to do. Had to go out of town for a couple of days. First day was at a hotel that happen to have hard water. I took an assortment of soaps but didn’t have time to test them. I did the mystery soap (I still can’t tell you) using a VDH bowl that was soaking in the steaming hot sink with the Omega Sintex brush. The soap, despite the water, worked up a thick click lather in no time! The hard water really helped in rinsing and after a splash of some generic Brut I was good to go. That razor you see is a Bic Metal. I was given a package of them by a gentleman named Bruce down in Florida. It’s a single blade with what looks to be an aluminum guard in front. It does a fine job of shaving and I much prefer to take that with me that one of my precious vintage razors just in case I get forgetful. The second day I shaved in the kitchen sink (bathroom was in use) using HTGAM cavendish soap and the previous gear. No aftershave needed as that soap always leaves my face feeling perfect.


Today (April 7th) I am back at home. It’s Monday so I’d thought I’d go the citrus route. I plan on every Monday to be.. well… citrusy!


  • Hot shower /  soap (Zest)


  • Soap – Shaving Yeti – Shore Leave
  • Brush – Parker best badger
  • Razor – Schick Injector (it’s from the 80’s if anyone wanted to know)
  • Blade – Schick Injector (4)


  • Cold water / alum
  • Pinaud Citrus Musk


I always seem to get a better lather with the Shore Leave compared to Yeti Snot. I did take my time and start with a drier brush which seems to be key. In 30 seconds I had enough for 3 passes, which I did, and probably enough for another 2 at least.

Still waiting on a sample of soap, or soaps from Wickham Soap Co. to try out and review. Been hearing some good things about it.


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