Shave of the Day ~ 4/4/14

Shaving Bliss

Prep – Hot Shower

Shave –

  • Soap – Tcheon Fung Sing Freschezza Polare
  • Brush – Omega Sintex
  • Razor – Schick Injector
  • Blade – Schick Injector (3)

Post –

  • Cold Rinse / Alum
  • Skin Bracer aftershave

One very fast pass and My face looks great, feels great and is borderline BBS. That was an odd result considering how fast I did those passes. After lathering I was done in less than a minute. Fastest shave ever.

Going to be revisiting the test soap tomorrow as I will be exposed to hard water which is horrible for shaving soaps. Will take some of my best performers to test also. Cleaned out my VDH bowl (which I used this morning) to use also for lathering. We know I’m a lover of face lathering, but for this I’m using a bowl. I actually tried out my skills this morning with the above shave. Left the bowl in a sink of hot water while I showered. Loaded the soap for about 15 seconds with the brush and then spent about a minute in the bowl to get a great lather on my face for one pass. There was enough for two or three but my face didn’t need it.



2 thoughts on “Shave of the Day ~ 4/4/14

    • I had a melted puck and half of VDH select with a stick of arko in the middle. I never really used the bowl for lathering as by the time I bought it I had converted to a face lather. Since I took the two soaps out I found I can put the whole thing in a sink of steaming hot water with the brush and when you upend the bowl you have just enough water to work your lather and it keeps it nice and warm. Makes my forearm cramp up still which is the reason I stopped, but it’s nice to get back to my beginnings once in a awhile.


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