Shave of the Day ~ Freeze your Freaking Face off shave


  • Hot shower / soap (zest)


  • Soap – Shaving Yeti – Yeti Snot / C. O. Bigelow
  • Brush – Omega Sintex (soaked in cold water)
  • Razor – Schick Injector
  • Blade – Schick Injector (2)


  • Cold rinse / Alum
  • Simply 7 unscented mentholated balm
  • Skin Bracer aftershave

I think the Bigelow toned down the coldness of the Yeti Snot. I didn’t soak my puck and I didn’t start with a dry brush so my lather was thin. Added Bigelow to thicken it up and stabilize the lather. I just haven’t shaved with anything colder than the Yeti Snot. So cold you can’t feel your razor, which can make shaving difficult. One pass is all I am willing to do since I can’t feel the condition of my face. Also my eyes watered so my vision was impaired. It really is the coldest thing in town!

I used very little of the Simply 7 balm and it did well on my skin. Followed it up with some chilly Skin Bracer. To be honest, these two products actually warmed up my face. Yeah. The Yeti Snot IS that freaking cold!

Oh. this might be the first time I have used a balm and aftershave splash and liked the results.



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