Shave of the Day ~ Mystery soap test ~ Day 5


  • hot shower/ Nivea facial wash


  • Soap – Mystery Soap “Cool water fragrance”
  • Brush – Omega Sintex
  • Razor – ‘PEERLESS’ straight


  • Cold rinse / alum
  • Barbasol Pacific Rush

I was in a hurry this morning so I lathered quickly, probably too much water for so little loading of soap, with my Omega Sintex. I did one north to south pass with my straight, then a quick rinse and dab of aftershave and out the door I went. The little soap I used was enough for a straight so that is good.

Someone may wonder or ask. The Omega Sintex is one notch better than the vintage nylon brushes IMO. There are better synthetic brushes out there and I know there are a couple people reading this that can comment on that below to lead you, dear reader, in the right direction…. if they want to comment. I think most people just leave comments on my facebook postings where I share this blog.  BTW, I was just at Omega’s website and this brush isn’t listed anymore and the newer synthetics “Hi-Brush” look a lot nicer.

Temp today was around 85 so the Pacific Rush was a good idea and it blended nicely with the soap.



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