Shave of the Day – Mystery Soap – Day 4


Made some changes today.


  • Hot shower/ Soap (Zest, Got probably a year supply of it)


  • Soap – Mystery Soap (cool water cologne scented)
  • Brush – Semogue 830
  • Razor – Schick injector
  • Blade – Schick (1)


  • Cold water rinse / Alum
  • Witch Hazel (generic)
  • Brut Attitude aftershave

Brush change had no impact on the soap. It was just as thick and slick. The injector is a great shaver and shaves very very close. For me, making an against the grain pass is risky and today I decided to take that risk. The soap gave all the protection that my other soaps provide and as usual, the injector caused some small bleeders. Nothing cold water and alum can’t fix though. Except for the very bottom of my neck, I am BBS. The bottom of the neck is tricky. The hairs grow sideways and ingrowns are easily had if I shave it too close. I used to get ingrown hairs on my entire neck from just one WTG pass with a cartridge and not get the smoothness I get these days.

Been trying to figure out which aftershave I have on hand to compliment the soap. This seems to be the closest.


So I have left the top off the soap for two days now and it’s been toned down a bit. Still one of the strongest in the group. I tested it late last night (around 1am) against Speick, Arko, Cella, Synergy and Tiki to see how much lather I could get with 40 light swirls of the brush after 4 good shakes and only 1 teaspoon of hot water added. I took photos to remind me of some things. They all gave me the same results in amount of lather. For slippage, Arko ranked last in my testing. The Arko was more foamy and less slick. Perhaps 1 teaspoon of water was too much for the Arko. All the rest were too close to differentiate.

I think I know what the soap is going to be called. A dash of menthol would be perfect in my opinion. Also, perhaps some kokum butter or something to make it more moisturizing.


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