Shave of the Day ~ Mystery Soap testing ~ Day 3


  • Hot shower/ soap (zest)


  • Soap – Mystery Soap “Cool Water scent”
  • Brush – Parker best badger
  • Razor – Merkur 23c
  • Blade – Astra Sp (3)


  • Cold rinse / Alum
  • Styptic
  • Cold Rinse


Day three and I decided to check two things. First is cold water and second is to compare the lather after sitting on face for ten minutes.

1. Cold water testing – Surprisingly this turned out just fine. It seemed more foamy and I had some gather in foamy clumps and then fall off my face. It was a lot of foam. The slickness and cushion didn’t seem affected at all and once you swirled and paint and scrub for a few minutes I had the lather looking like yesterdays more normal warm water shave.

2. One of my peeves when it comes to soaps is lathering up for a head and face shave, get halfway through my head shave and see that the lather on my face is gone.  It’s even worse when it starts to disappear in just a minute or so! So I laid on the lather (pic one, blurry) and then let it sit for exactly 10 minutes (pic 2) and then, without re-lathering I took a test pass on the check (pic 3). It seemed as slick as if I just applied it. I did not do this for the whole face mind you as I noticed my blade was dulling

test3 test4 test5

Very pleased with today’s testing. I did not expect the 10 minute test to do so well.

Review on scale of 1 –10 (10 being best)

Scent – 8 – Still strong, despite leaving it open all night to air. Still not caring for the scent though so I took off a couple of points

Lather – 10 – Cold or warm it lathers very well for a face latherer and it holding up well over 10 minutes really made me happy

Cushion/Glide – 9 – It could be the blade being a bit dull, or the two very close shaves in a row, but I did nick myself with one pass

Post Shave feel – 4 – Same reason as yesterday. Rinsing and using alum and then rinsing really well seems to be helping but I am still not comfortable with it. I may go apply some of their balm in a minute.. Ooh! Let me go do theirs on one side and razor relief on the other! I’ll post results tomorrow.

Overall grade is a 7 today. 

I still think my idea of toning down the scent and adding some menthol to it would be an awesome idea.



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