Shave of the Day ~ Micromatic March


  • Warm shower / Nivea for Men Moisturizing face wash


  • Soap – Boots shave stick
  • Brush – Semogue 830
  • Razor – GEM Micromatic (open-comb)
  • Blade – Treet Super (4)


  • Cold water rinse /Alum
  • Avon Leather aftershave


Thinking about seeing how long I can push this blade and make it hold out till this monthly experiment is over. Doing one or two passes per shave shouldn’t be a problem. It will all come down to prep work.

Boots isn’t easily found here in America. Not sure if it can be found in stores at all. I got mine from a friend in Florida who may have gotten from a friend in England. Don’t know the story. Outstanding fellows though! I find the scent rather unique compared to my other soaps. Almost has a sweaty smell to it… I just can’t describe it but I find it pleasing. Been thinking about grating this into a bowl as sticks can be quite messy.

Avon ‘Leather’ aftershave. Found completely full and in the box at an antique store for a few dollars. Love the scent! I’m not a collector of Avon aftershave bottles, unless it is nautical in nature (I like ships) and then only if it has aftershave still in it and I like the scent. This means I have only one (yesterday) that I will keep, perhaps, who knows. It IS missing a piece. As for this, when gone, I’ll give it to a friend that collects them or I will sell it. I just wanted the aftershave.

Ahh… vintage aftershaves. This makes me think about a bottle of Pinaud Napoleon All Purpose Lotion (aftershave) that I saw in an antique store. I think they wanted 30 bucks for it. I have read that the fragrance was simply renamed to Special Reserve, which I have, but I thought it smelled different. Perhaps the scent changed due to it’s age…. Just keep thinking about it. I loved the scent.

So how was the shave today. Just a one pass with minor touch up on neck. I can get a pretty good lather with Boots but it’s not at the top of my list. Cheeks look good, no bleeding anywhere. Going back to the bullet-tip for the rest of the month. Love the bullet-tip.



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