Shave of the Day ~ Micromatic March


  • Warm Shower and soap


  • Soap – Shaving Yeti Shore Leave
  • Brush – Parker best badger
  • Razor – GEM Micromatic (open-comb)
  • Blade – Treet Super (1)


  • Neutogena Men Invigorating face wash
  • Cold rinse / Alum
  • Styptic pen
  • Cold Rinse
  • Old Spice Lime aftershave
  • Pinaud Clubman Citrus Musk cologne

I’m thinking about making my Monday’s a citrus themed shave day. Love the smell of limes and lemons in the morning. So just a regular pre-shave routine. Nothing special there as you can see.

I love the smell of the Shore Leave from Shaving Yeti. They are a melt and pour glycerin soap that is very affordable. I have four of their soaps that I won in a contest and I love all four scents that I have. Loading the soap is a bit different from most of my other soaps. I soak my brush in hot water but I shake all the water I can out of the brush before loading. I then swirl the brush on the puck for about a minute before I add some hot water. Today was my first really good lather and also my first time doing it the way I just described. The lather was much more stable for the shave.

New Treet Super today and I wonder if I should have corked the blade or if I had some bumps on my cheek because I did a WTG pass first and right off the bat I had three bleeders where I had some acne a few days ago.  I also had two spots on my neck, one on each side.  Re-lathered and did an XTG pass and had no problems at all. The cold rinse and the alum didn’t stop the previous bleeders so the styptic came out to save the day after I washed off. Took the dog out and when I came back in I rinsed it off and did the aftershave and cologne. Man, that stung for a moment. Neither the Old Spice or Pinuad is long lasting which is a disappointment for me.

So what is the result of all this? Baby butt smooth with a couple of exceptions. I think I’m getting better with the open-comb. The face feels quite smooth and soft.

Today on the record player is Blondie Parallel Lines. Yes, I have a record player. Currently have just over 200 vinyl’s that I listen to from time to time. More of a hassle compared to DVD, but I like the sound better for some reason. Speaking of record, it’s time to go flip it!



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