Shave of the Day ~ Micromatic March


  • Warm Shower
  • Nivea Men Moisturizing Face Wash


  • Soap – Tiki Bar Soap – Set Sail
  • Brush – Montclair (original knot)
  • Razor – GEM Micromatic (open-comb)
  • Blade – Treet Super (3)


  • Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face Wash
  • Cold Water / Alum
  • Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve aftershave cologne

Normally I wash my face with a bar of soap like the rest of my body but I was so tired and Zest does nothing for me so I used a face wash. Don’t know if it had any positive effect on the shave today or not.

Tiki Bar Soap – Vegan Shave Soap – Set Sail scent. Going to refer to this as just Tiki Set Sail from now on. I was given a fresh, not finished curing, wet, messy puck of this from my friend Todd (/me waves). I had put it right away in a container and waited a week or so before using. Pretty good stuff. Now it has been weeks since then and it is simply awesome now! The scent is a light mint, perhaps lavender and something else. It’s just an all around pleasant scent that I really enjoy. The lather was everything a shaving lather is supposed to be.

Now notice my brush if you will. In my search to find out more about this brush, I think I have the date of manufacture around the 1970’s. It is boar bristle, paint over wood handle. When I found it, it was new old stock. It was still in the box and never opened. When I had got it the hairs started to break in half just by touching it. So fragile. I soaked the hairs in hair conditioner for 2 days, rinsed and repeated it. So lucky that the sealant on the painted handle and the knot inside were in such good condition. Got  a brush not long ago that was vintage painted wood and looked great but the hairs needed help. Once it touched water the paint cracked and started to flake off. Anyway. Back to the Montclair. The made in Switzerland and other stuff came off while being handled. Anyway. I started using the brush and the hairs were so stiff and pointy that they actually poked through my skin and caused me to bleed. I clipped the top flat and that solved it. This was before I knew that boar hairs will split and become soft. Geez. You live and learn. Anyway. I’m torn on re-knotting as this is my FAVORITE handle! If I ruined the handle I would be so ticked off as this brush is hard to find. I’ve only seen 2 others like this. One in mint condition but with black and another where the plaint flaked off and that has been searching for over a year for one. Because I cut the tip off it probably wont ever get soft like my others but boy does it tear through soaps! This might be part of the reason I had such a good lather!

Ya’ll will noticed I did not shave yesterday so today I had quite a shadow going. I did two passes and no nicks or weepers or blood or anything anywhere. I decided to throw on some Neutrogena and then cold rinse with alum off. Could be the fantastic shave or the Neutrogena or both but my face felt so freaking good! I could never get that with a cartridge or electric. Never! Since it was gosh darn perfect, I did not need an balm or aftershave so I reached for the Special Reserve. It’s marked as an aftershave cologne but I don’t feel any of the aftershave qualities from it and it lasts a good long time. It’s very strong in the beginning so don’t get carried away. It’s man scent in a bottle! Some may not like it but I love it. It does make my nose itch for a couple of hours but I’m willing to suffer a little!



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