What a strange place to give birth..



Right in the middle of my front yard, with no protection and in the middle of the tri-cat area (three cats roam my yard at night), as recently as the past 24 hours, a wild rabbit gave birth to 3 or 4 bunnies. She dug a partial hole in a abandoned fire ant mound from last year, put a lot of fur in it and topped it off with some dead grass and weeds on top.  Their bellies seem plump and they are active so that’s a good sign.  I hope they make it. Landscaping services will resume later this month so they need to grow and grow fast. I was going to take them inside, run to the feed store and try to find what I need but then I read the mother comes back at night to feed so I will let nature take its course…. unless I find a dead female rabbit nearby. Sure hope they make it. Love rabbits.


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