Shave of the day and other things – 10/18/13

Shave of the Day

  • Merkur 23c
  • Speick shave stick (grated)
  • Gillette 7 O’clock Super Platinum (black package)
  • Semogue 830
  • Aftershave – none

Oh what a glorious shave day! I had been sporting two days growth and after grating the shave stick into a bowl last night I was anxious to get my shave on! Why grate into a bowl you may ask. I will tell you. The Speick shave stick is a very hard soap, and unlike Tabac or Arko, it requires soaking head down in a bit of water while you shave. Well, when you turn it back up right and proceed to apply to face it can get a bit messy. I also noticed that when you take it out of the water it has lost a significant amount around the circumference of the stick that was in the water. What a waste that can be. I have found that when it is in a bowl I don’t need to soak it and all it takes is a few swirls of a slightly damper than normal brush. I feel there is less waste and if I need more for additional passes I can just take a few more swirls. The Speick was given to me from Aaron over at . I noticed after I rinsed off that I could still faintly smell the Speick so I decided to skip the aftershave as I don’t have anymore Speick aftershave. What does it smell like? Hard to say other than it has a peppery scent and I just adore it.

So it has been ages since I had used my Merkur23c. First thing I noticed when I went to make my first pass was how good the knurling on the handle felt to my fingers. I don’t think I ever really noticed it that much before. As I tend to choke up on the handle the length has never been a stand out feature to me. If I was a woman, then it would be appreciated I am sure. It’s a great razor.

I think this is my second time using this blade (which was pif to me and I can’t remember who). After using the smooth sharp rigid single edge Treets so much you really begin to notice how the double edges react to certain beard hair types. In my case I seem cursed with especially tough hairs. I made damn sure that my angle was correct for each pass, which I made in one inch increments and took a lot more time to shave for the single pass that I did today. I could feel the hairs bending the blade as they resisted being cut. No. I’m serious. The only DE blades so far that don’t seem to bend is the Personna med preps and I have commented before that they seem heavier than the others. Anyway. I did one pass and it looked socially acceptable so I let it go at that, despite my desire to lather more just to enjoy the scent.


So yesterday I rebooted myself on eating better. I drank a lot of water which is key to me losing weight. The first part of the week was 3 days of karate for my son. The times are at dinner time so we put it off till after his practice and then it is straight to fast food as we all know I can’t control myself at a fast food place. It was so good to eat a meal at home yesterday. Pork chops, rice, beans and broccoli for dinner. Tonight will probably be spaghetti. Right now for breakfast and lunch I have had coffee with Splenda, and I’m eating a whole honey dew melon that I cut last night. I really don’t think it would last through the night so I need to eat it. There’s a whole day of fruit servings if you ask me! I’ll be chugging water as soon as I am done.


It’s a day of sunshine and I decided to take the cover off the Big Green Egg and as I slowly pulled the cover off, it lifted the damper off and it fell to the concrete patio floor. Now it has a crack going through it but it is still together but damn if it ticked me off. Going to smoke me some pork soon. Maybe tonight!

Ragweed count is finally down and I have discovered nasal sprays with Phenylephrine does a wonderful job at helping me breathe so I’m enjoying the cooler weather now. I love autumn. Wish I had a bunch of trees and a hammock so I could lay int he shade all day long. Right now I’m looking at redoing the area outside the back patio and getting things together for a garage sale. Fun.

Oh. Special thanks to whoever it was from Norway that visited earlier and did 55 views! You rock!

Shave on People!


2 thoughts on “Shave of the day and other things – 10/18/13

  1. Lamar Brother you that was a great post I really enjoyed the read and thanks for the link back it’s appreciated !!!!! I know what you mean about the stick and soaking it or it’s not the easiest to apply I usually wet my face try to rub the stick then wet my hand ( singular) with hot water and rub the stick on my hand to wet the stick again…… keep repeating until the proper amount of soap is on my face. I like your idea of bowling it better though less of a pain and less waste……. Keep it up with the diet I’m proud of you !!!! I know first hand what it took to loose weight appx. 100lbs for me and the dedication and hard work it takes is nothing less than a amazing show of will and self control. Last thing to add and this is a general statement Pray ….. yeah I said Pray I am clergy and the Lord is part of every move I make I’m pretty sure you are a man of faith and I will keep you in my prayers for a easy fast and safe weight loss.. Keep up the fight and when you keep the Lord on your side there is no way to fail.


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