Resurrection (in production)

I totally forgot to follow up my last mention of this. My first day of filming was grueling and uncomfortable. Nearly 15 hours! Of course the first 3 or 4 hours was waiting, dressing, makeup, filling out paper work, etc.. All the filming that day was inside the sanctuary of my church. Now the A/c works great in there but it is turned off during filming. It was packed and the heat quickly rose. I went in with a completely shaved head and I tend to have oily skin. I am also a burn victim so I tend to over heat quickly and sweat a lot. After about 2 hours I was wiping down my head with a handkerchief. Out of no where there is a make-up lady and she proceeds to apply makeup to my head. Three hours later and they now have the cameras behind me and apparently I’m right in the shot. I thought my scalp looked okay but I look up and there she is again. She starts applying and a lady in the back yells to add more! Then another guy tells me to re-tuck my shirt in a bit as it has come loose back there.  Probably a good chance I’m in the shot. The assistant director is a fella named Bobby Bastarache. Since there were a lot of new folks on the set he would answer questions whenever he could and it really help pass the time.

The amount paid to me was $7.25/hour for 8 hours. From what I understand, all time after that is time and a half. Not bad for a full days work.

In the scene we were shooting there comes a time where half the people leave. I was one of the characters that stayed and from this set, a person went around getting about 1/3 of our names. This was to be the list of people that would show up the next day for another scene. I got my name on the list! The second day we reported in at 7am instead of 5am. Some people didn’t show which meant phone calls had to be made and we sat around waiting a lot longer. The scene takes place inside the sanctuary and in the foyer. My character was now in the foyer which was a blessing as the door was open and I had a nice breeze coming in. Still got attacked by the make-up lady. Instead of make-up, this one applied a matting spray that did a fine job and felt better to me, especially in that cool morning breeze. In this scene, I and another come together meeting right in front of the open door (which blocks out the view outside and that giant light they had shining in) and we are discussing what just happened. A younger fella comes over and we say hi and then we all depart. While we are standing there, the “sheriff” passes between us and the camera. The fella I was interacting said that the camera was right on me. Neato!

The second day lasted less than 8 hours but I think we get paid for the entire 8 hours. This is looking good!

So since then I have come to find I really enjoyed my two days. It wasn’t easy easy because of my handicap, but it was exciting, interesting, got paid, etc… I told my wife I wouldn’t mind doing more of this and she said Okay!  So I got on the casting company website and I found a few more casting companies here in Georgia and got to watching. A call went up for the show but it wanted all new people for 4 days so I didn’t qualify. My mother was just here a couple hours ago and I was talking about that and how I really wanted to do it again. As she is about to leave the phone rings. Normally I let the answering machine pick up but I just had this nagging feeling I should answer. I did and it was the casting company asking me if I could work 3 days, at the church again! Wow. I asked for a couple minutes to think about it, called my wife, she said we’d work something out, called them back in less than a minute and said yes! So this of course means I’ll have to post another update in a couple of weeks. Right now we are trying to figure out how to take care of my son since the time I am doing this is the time she is committed to meetings in another part of the state. Gonna make it work! Somehow!

Here is a link to the show.


2 thoughts on “Resurrection (in production)

    • thank you thank you. I really need to slim down if I want to make a job out of this. My wife has been so supportive. She let me open my Christmas gift up today because it contained anti shine stuff for my head and I need to get some head shots done for these other casting companies.


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