The VEG revisit

Yesterday, after a nice application of it and several hours later I had my wife take a whiff of my face to get her thoughts on the Pinaud Clubman Lilac Vegetal aftershave. Her first reaction was a nasty looking grimace and a “I don’t like it”. I had plenty left for a larger application of it and that’s what I did. Had to stop by my fathers place and asked him for his opinion. He said it was interesting but not sure how he felt. My personal feelings are this:

1. Application to face feels similar to the regular Clubman. Some sting from the alcohol but it quickly goes away. I haven’t had any bad shaves so I can’t bear witness to it’s healing properties.

2. It makes my hands smell like powder, old woman floral and a kitty litter box in desperate need of changing.

3. On the face I continue to get the powder and floral scent to my nose.

4. Most important is my wife doesn’t like it.

Special thanks goes to Michelle Wheeler for the sample of the Vegetal and the Treet Super SE blades

Speaking of Treet. 2nd day using the same blade (after carefully drying it yesterday) and it was as pleasant as ever. I’ve gotten at least 4 great shaves out of the first one I had used. Careful drying of it really prolongs it’s lifespan. This with the razor I have been using has been pure shaving nirvana for me. I am sold on these blades and will be looking for a cheap supply of them. ‘SE’ptember has been going quite nicely. Two XTG passes with the GEM micromatic bullet-tip razor and treet blades have been giving me exceptional shaves. A third touch up would be required for BBS but I’m very happy with just the two. Today I used Kiss My Face Cool Mint on my Parker best badger and face lathered. It takes noticeable more of this than the GFT or Old Spice creams that I had used the pass couple of days. I haven’t much time lately so I may not have talked about that.

Again, my time has run out. It’s just a busy busy week folks. As always… Shave on people!


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