Speicktember Adventure – Day 5

Have you all started to notice the amount of soap dwindling? I’ve tried lining up all the photos so it’s fairly easy.

I’ve really been digging my VDH boar for this week of shaving. It is breaking in nicely and feels soft and full. It also loses less hairs than my Parker badger.

So what are some unknown things about brushes that the reader and non traditional wet shaver would like to know? How about that a new brush usually smells like the animal until you have used it 5 to 15 times. Yeah. It can be stinky. I don’t mind the musky animal scent to be honest but the horse hair brush I had once was quite the stinker. Did you know that with repeated use, a boar bristle brush’s hairs will split at the ends making it even softer? Yup. The badger doesn’t do this. Did you know there are 3, 4 and maybe 5 different grades of badger brushes? Yup.

So which do I like the best? Honestly I am not certain. I find I use my boars more, but that might be because I have 4 of them and only one badger. I had a horse but I gave it to my little brother to get him started. I miss the horse. Very nice.

Today’s shave was more of the same. The soap is going quick! Today I decided to use a Gold Dollar straight. Despite shaving in 10 minutes it went very well with me doing my best job on my face than I had in the past. The razor did skip on a part of my skin near my ear and it slew off and hit my ear resulting in a cut that required a little bit of toilet paper. It didn’t hurt or anything. My skin looks great but is not BBS. I simply can not do my neck in a way that will result in that. Basically I do 2 to 3 passes north to south or close to that. I get very nice results and  it doesn’t bother my skin at all. Afterwards I strop it 40 to 50 times and make sure there is no water between the scales. Oh. I did find some Shave Secret and I used that as a pre-shave as I knew I was to be in a hurry.

What can you look forward to in the near or almost near future? Well. I was given some Treet SE blades and a sample of Pinaud Clubman Lilac Vegetal aftershave from Michelle. I think I mentioned this. Anyway. Tomorrow, I am going to do a comparison between the Treet and the CVS bought blades in my GEM flying wing micromatic. This will take a few shaves though. Both are produced by the ASR company and both are carbon steel.

As soon as my Speick aftershave runs out I’ll be splashing on the VEG. I’ve been smelling it every day since I received it. I have such a mixture of thoughts on this but I was the same way about Speick aftershave which I have come to really love as one of my top 4 aftershaves.

Honestly folks. Feel free to comment and leave questions or thoughts. Or post comments to the Facebook postings int he various shave related Facebook groups that this shows up in.

Shave on people!



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