Last day of Arko August Month and SE Week

Nearly a full month of Arko shave soap (started in Wet Shaver Reivew group) with hints of VDH Deluxe thrown in every now and then. Kinda glad it’s over so I can play with my other soaps. But I sure do like Arko. Today is also the last day of SE week (Started by GEM SE Fan Club). Ya’ll don’t see me use the SE’s much because of a shortage of blades over here in my house, but Michelle from the shaving community is sending me some Treet blades. They are also manufactured by ASR and are carbon steel so I would be interested in comparing them to the CVS bought blades made from same company. Yes, Michelle is a woman. Yes, women shaving with traditional wet shaving gear too. Oh, you did know that? Well now you do!

So the gear today is:

  • Face
    • Arko w/ VDH Deluxe
    • Gillette 7 o’Clock super platinum (I forget what color package)
    • Vintage boar brush
    • 1940’s Gillette Contract Tech
    • Booster’s Aquarius
  • Head
    • Arko w/ VDH Deluxe
    • Carbon Steel blade (6)
    • Vintage Boar Brush (I used my hands for most)
    • GEM Feather Weight (Gold tone)
    • Booster’s Aquarius

I’ve always had to be fairly aggressive with my approach to shaving with the tech razor. It is so mild and so lightweight that it just wont do unless I apply pressure. The Gillette blade certainly changed that. Very smooth and sharp! Might very well be the best shave ever with that razor! Not it’s first use either. might be the 2nd or 3rd use of that blade.

I was sporting a full week of hair growth on my head so I needed an SE that wouldn’t clog and that is why I had the entire week planned so that the 6th and final shave would be with the GEM featherweight. You can be more aggressive on the scalp (no, really!) so a duller blade would be okay and this razor also has the ability of not clogging after running water over it. It did not disappoint! If I stick to head shaves with this blade and razor I can probably get 5 more shaves or more out of it. 10 shaves from a SE blade is really nice. You can pick up a 10 pack for about 6 dollars. That makes it about 60 cents per blade. With a mach 3 cartridge I could at the most get 10 shaves but it usually ended up around 6 for comfort. How much does a single mach 3 cartridge cost? You can see why I prefer the old ways of shaving when we talking about cost.

Shave on people!



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