Day 5 of Single Edge week

Time to introduce another razor change as Single Edge Week is wrapping up. I have two of the GEM featherweights but I prefer the gold tone as it’s prettier on the eyes (the other is simply silver).  I was so tempted to use the bullet-tip again but told myself that I should really enjoy all three of my razors for this week.

So how did it go? Well. I simply transferred the blade from the other 4 shaves as it had still felt smooth and sharp as ever. Lathered and pulled the skin as I always do and proceeded to shave. Now the weight difference between the bullet-tip and this is a huge 40 gram difference. Pressure and force is required by the person to get it to cut the hairs because it is too light to do it on it’s own. Another difference is the head. The featherweight has a lot more contact surface on the head which increases drag. Because of that I find myself tilting the razor a bit to have less surface area but then I am more scraping the blade across the face.

Well the end result is a small irritated spot of neck and not a BBS shave. It’s been a little over 6 hours and that spot is still tender. I’m sure this razor has it’s uses. I know for a fact that I love it on my head and I bet it would do well for a woman on her legs. But on the face….well…. No thank you.

Stuff used:

  • Gem Feather Weight
  • Gem Carbon Steel blade (5)
  • Omega Sintex
  • VDH Deluxe/Arko combination
  • Family Dollar Brut knock off.



One thought on “Day 5 of Single Edge week

  1. Nice shave. I don’t have a Feather weight and the reason being the same as you for not liking it. Too light. They do look cool though.


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