Shave of the day (the amazing dull blade shave)

I post my photos and stuff to a few forums so today I’m just going to copy and paste what I wrote there

This was my 10th (maybe 11th) shave with the same blade. I told myself I wouldn’t use it on my face but I felt courageous today. It felt very very rough but the end result was BBS with zero irritation or nicks. Completely shocked by this. That blade wouldn’t cut unless I forced it. Sometimes I’m just amazed.

Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve aftershave cologne – 1st ingredient is alcohol, then water and then fragrance. After that it’s a couple of things I have no idea what they are and then coloring. Comparing this with others I see nothing here that is healing to your skin for after a shave like the regular and other stuff. To me this is more of a cologne and boy is it strong. When it comes to a macho manly masculine scent, this is one of the few that I think of. You can do searches to see what people thinks it smells like. It’s not real powdery like the regular. It has no menthol cooling abilities. If I put on too much it makes my eyes itch, BUT.. I SMELL SO GOOD. This is a fragrance I see myself using till death do us part. I say fragrance as I just don’t see how it qualifies as an aftershave.



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