SoTD (July 31) Dull Blade shave

Tools of the trade:

GEM Featherweight

GEM stainless steel blade (8th and 9th use)

Speick shave stick (grated)

Speick aftershave

Vintage boar brush

I actually had prepared a video for today but when reviewing it I realized how badly I needed to clean the bathroom so I deleted it. Right now I am stuck on this blade and razor combo. Seeing how far it can be pushed so to speak. I started with my face after a good hot shower and scrubbed with Nivea Energy face scrub. I don’t talk about it much but I love this stuff and it’s cheap! Anyway, The brush tore into the Speick (which I didn’t soak this time) and in 15 seconds I had a mound of lather. This brush is brutal on soaps. The bristles were so stiffed that when I first started using it, it would actually poke holes in my face and cause bleeding. I trimmed the top hairs and it help quite a bit but now it doesn’t hold water much. I really want to re-knot this with new boar bristle. Where was I? Oh yes, I lathered the face and did a WTG/XTG pass first, then reversed and then a basic ATG with an angle on neck. I got BBS but I don’t think I can do it again. It was smooth but I had to use so much pressure to get it to cut. So face shaving with this blade is now out.

Re-wet the the head and lathered and started shaving it. Man it was easy! No nicks, no irritation and it didn’t cut me when I went over a pimple twice but it did give me the time of shave I prefer up there. I am just so pleased with that outcome that I plan on doing it again with the same blade, but just for doing the head.



2 thoughts on “SoTD (July 31) Dull Blade shave

  1. As I said over in FB land I love that brush and appreciated that review you did on all 7 brushes on the wet shaver review……I give you credit man… I am a straight razor and DE guy I own a GEM 1912 and I’m afraid of that thing the blade exposure is massive. good on you for using SE for a while. do you find you enjoy the SE over the DE now ?


    • They are both completely different experiences I find. I like variety so I wouldn’t choose one method exclusively. If I had an abundance of SE blades then most of my SoTD photos would contain the GEM OCMM and the Coles NY travel Slant most likely with everything else thrown in from time to time.


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