Shave of the Day (July 29th) Lengthy post

Omega Shave cream
Omega Sintex

Edwin Jagger DE87
Zorrik blade (2)

(head and face touch up)
GEM Featherweight
GEM stainless steel (7)

Everything used today was given to me by Big Shave members and Badger and Blade members.

Omega Sintex (I’ve been calling it the Omega Synthetic but Sintex is much shorter to type). It gets the job done but I would prefer boar,badger or horse over this. It holds water pretty well but when swirling it on the face the water gets squeezed out at the base of the knot. It’s pretty decent at bowl lathering, which is what I did since I was doing such a large shave.

Omega shave cream (tube). I do not know if it is different in the tub. The consistency of this is just like bigelow. I actually think it might be just a tad thicker but it’s hard to tell. I find that the Omega has a wonderful cooling sensation like that of Bigelow and perhaps a bit more. After rinsing off I can still feel the cooling effects.

The Edwin Jagger DE87 is a fairly aggressive razor in my book. None of my DE razors feel like it and I’m always a bit more cautious when I use it. It’s shorter than my Merkur23c but has some nice heaviness to the head (bonus!). I did one pass and my cheeks nearly felt BBS. Today I used a Zorrik (I forget who gave this to me). It’s a pretty sharp razor. Yesterday it felt a bit rough but today it felt smoother and still retained it’s sharpness.

GEM Featherweight loaded with a GEM stainless (uncoated). This is the same blade I started for SE week last Monday. I was so impressed with how my head felt after that last head shave that I would try and see if the now dulling blade could repeat that. For your info, I prefer my head to have a fine sandpaper feel to it. Anyway. I went tearing through the head forest like a mad man. No nicks or anything and I had the same shave as last time. Very happy. It was one of the fastest head shaves I had done with such good results. The glide of the razor blade felt like riding down a gravel road but it did such a great job. It’s a short handle razor so the very back of the neck was being difficult and I reversed the direction and went AGT back there and it was smooth as butter. I was afraid I just went cue ball smooth back there but a quick run of the hand find super fine sandpaper feel. Whew. I was so impressed that I decided to do touch ups on my face with it. I went nearly AGT on the neck and got BBS. Only one nick down there and that stopped after a quick dab of a styptic pencil.

After a final rinse I decided not to use any aftershave balm as my face felt …perfect. It’s now been 3 hours and it still feels great.



3 thoughts on “Shave of the Day (July 29th) Lengthy post

    • Yeah. I went for the completely no stubble feel for awhile and found I couldn’t sleep well on the first night. It seems I like a little barrier between the lower back of the head and the pillow. So one pass for me is all I do now.


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