SoTD (Final SE shave of the week) (July 26th)

SoTD (final SE week)
GEM Featherweight
GEM stainless steel (6th use)
Parker best badger
Speick shave stick (grated)
Speick Aftershave


I’ve cut back on how much Speick I apply when I use it. I gave a sample of it out, a bit more than I had planned, so I need to be a little conservative. Good thing a little goes a long way.

This was the 6th use for a SE GEM stainless steel blade. I must have dulled it on the head shave yesterday because it was not cutting under it’s own weight. Of course the Featherweight is ultra light so there isn’t much weight to begin with. So kept it flat and used pressure which is a no-no. Good news is the face felt great and no blood, irritation and it was BBS

I had a lot more to save but I could not save my draft because a bolt of lightning fried my modem yesterday and shocked me through my keyboard. Sigh. I’m fine now. Went up my arm straight to my chest and scared the heck out of me. Oh well.


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