Shave of the Day (Day 2 of Single Edge Week)


GEM Stainless blade (2)

Art of Shaving

  • Pre-shave
  • Shaving cream
  • Aftershave balm

Parker Best Badger

This is the second day of using the same razor and blade, and with the caution I exerted yesterday I was able to do a better job today.  The last time I spent a week using this razor I had very smooth skin and each day was an improvement in shaving. I had a couple of small nicks today that stopped when I rinsed, and I have a baby butt smooth face with the exception of the right cheek. It seems my body decided it was time to produce some acne right there.

The combination of Art of Shaving products continues to impress me. I the one product that stands out is the aftershave balm.  I normally have oily skin and balms usually make it worse. It has now been 12 hours later and my face doesn’t feel oily. It’s amazing.




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