Shave of the Day and 200th post!

Woohoo! 200 posts. I have never blogged this much before.!

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Face and head shaves today.


Personna med prep (5th and 6th uses)

Parker best badger

The Body Shop Maca Root shave cream

The body shop Maca Root Razor Relief ASB (sample)

That’s it. Today I was going unscented so to speak. I wasn’t really going for a close shave today. Two passes on face and one on the head with touch ups. Not a single nick anywhere and that Razor Relief is a wonderful balm. Even though I feel I could get more shaves out of this one blade, I’m going to swap to a different blade for next three days and then on Monday I’ll be using a SE razor till Friday.

Oh. Tomorrow, based on a recent question on Facebook, I’m going to be shaving half my face with Arko and the other half with a combination of Arko and VDH deluxe to see if I can tell the difference. This should be fun.



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