Birthday celebration = eating bad

It’s even worse since we’ve kinda been celebrating all week. The special day is over and I still celebrated today with my free drink at Starbucks. Folks. I haven’t given up on losing weight. I’ve just been in a real slump since vacation and am finding it very hard to get back on track. My wife is too and it is getting to us. It’s even harder for my wife because of a full time job and 3 college courses.

This past Friday my wife took me to the Art of Shaving at Perimeter mall and I got a shave. It’s not a true straight razor shave. It looks like one but it actually holds a disposable blade. Unfortunately they have to use Merkur and I hate Merkur blades (nice razors, sucky blades). I was signed up for the royal shave and I felt quite pampered. Got the hot towel, pre-shave gel, shave cream (it comes out of a machine), mask, cold towel, toner and then aftershave balm. I think the best part was the mask. Never had one. It felt good. That Merkur blade felt like sandpaper and I was sure I was bleeding everywhere but there was no blood and after the aftershave balm was applied my face felt just fine. It was also a very close shave. I walked out with their pre-shave gel, cream and balm in the Ocean Kelp scent.  I honestly don’t know if the pre-shave does any good or not. The shave cream (I got the soft) is very nice and does the trick. My favorite product is the Aftershave balm (lotion). It goes on very well and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy like some others have.  I’ve used it three times in a row which is a record for balms. Today I used the same products but I used…. wait. I forgot to mention the other place. Back up a sec. …… While waiting for my shave to begin I walked over to the Body Shop across the way. A bloke from across the pond had sent me their maca root shave cream and Arber aftershave balm and I wanted to see the prices and other items so I went in. I found that for two dollars more you can get the shave cream in a tub which is about twice the amount. GOOD DEAL! I saw their razor relief balm that I had heard about and I was trying to smell the difference between it and the amber and I told the woman I could not smell a difference and she took it and put it to her nose and squeezed…… and it went right up her nose! She was a bit embarrassed but I told her truthfully that the first time I got it home and took a sniff I did the same thing.  She gave me two generous samples of the razor relief and 4 of the face wash. It was very kind of her.  So today I used the razor relief sample from Body shop and by golly that stuff is pretty sweet too!

I need to post a shave of the day photo from a few days ago.



This was my Saturday shave.


So now I have a fair collection of aftershave balms.  I had planned on only having one, but then I was the receiver of a cheap PIF, Gifted some from Ginger and then the AoS and Body shop has added two more. Here’s what I have

  • Geo. F. Trumpers Sandalwood skin food (sample)
  • Sabon aftershave cream
  • Nivea Revitilizing Double Action balm
  • Nivea Sensitive Post Shave balm (this was to my one and only I thought)
  • The Bath House Spanish Fig and Nutmeg shaving balm
  • The Body Shop Arber asftershave balm
  • The Body Shop Razor Relief balm (sample)
  • The Art of Shaving aftershave lotion (Ocean Kelp)

So which are my favorites? It all depends really.  If my face is simply dried out and there is no irritation then any will do.  If I want scent then it would be the Bath House. It is a wonderful smell and it lingers. Second would be the Trumpers and third would be the AoS (art of shaving).  If I want razor burn relief then it’s AoS or Body shop razor relief.  The bottom of my listing is the Sabon.  The Nivea is a good product. I think the difference between the two is the sensitive is a bit thinner. I am also a fan of their face washes. Very nice and not expensive. If it came down to best product at lowest price I would say the Nivea Sensitive. A little bit goes far.


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