June 28th. What a day!


  • Left leg is so bruised and there is a nickel size ulcer there so I’m stuck in the wheel chair
  • Shower, no shave
  • Feed son
  • Take dog out
  • Feed dog
  • Fix own breakfast – Kashi cereal with unsweetened almond milk
  • Dress son
  • Find portable powered air pump to pump wheelchair wheels
  • Runs out of power when pumping and front tire deflates
  • Wobble out to van, load chair, boy and drive to gas station
  • Pull up to pump, pull out chair (i’m on one bad leg here), grab end of nozzle and see electrical tape wrapped around it so it doesn’t lose air. Change mind and load chair back up
  • Drive to next gas station.
  • Check nozzle first
  • Unload chair and insert One freaking dollar of quarters!
  • Pump all four tires and load chair back on van.
  • Drive to church
  • Son runs inside church while I’m getting in the chair (nearly missed the seat and fell…nearly)
  • Roll in Gym with son. Son and other boy want to push me around while I drink coffee…..Okay
  • They take turns pushing me to chase the other. I use one hand on the wheel to chair to avoid hitting anything/anyone while drinking my delicious coffee.
  • I leave and go home


  • Wife is getting ready and asking me what time we are suppose to be there and I say 11:30am
  • I feel I better check that info again at 10:55am and find out that it’s 11:00am that we are supposed to get there.
  • Rush to the van, load up chair and drive like there is a 30 pound weight on my foot.
  • Wife tells me that two co-works recently got tickets and one was over $500. I slow down and set cruise control at a normal speed.
  • Arrive and wife rushes in. I get chair out and meet up inside. The Gym is full of people. Well over 100 and more.
  • I see wife and sit next to her
  • Music is over and she goes and get’s son. I roll to the wall and stay out of the way so no one gets ran over.
  • Realize that I’m still in a bad place and when possible find a better place.
  • Getting hungry. They have hotdogs but I really like my hot dogs with sauerkraut and mustard and they have only mustard.
  • Basically stay in one place for 30 minutes or more in my relaxed position…. which is on two wheels.
  • Plenty of kids point and ask parents where my leg is. I’m used to it.
  • Figure one kid has walked by way too many times and stared at me and not say anything to me so I drop on all four wheels and jet towards him growling to scare him. Success and a smile afterwards.
  • Two little sisters walk by and gawked. The older one stares a little longer and smiles and waves. I wave back.
  • Little boy with a hole in his sock (big toe sticking out) is pointing, at close range, and asking his mother (who is behind him telling him to put on his shoes) where my leg is. He’s right in front of me so I talk to him. Had a little difficultly understanding how I can be alive if I am missing a leg. I explain that you can be missing plenty of parts and still be alive. Then he brightly says you can’t be alive if your head is cut off and I agree.
  • We have a delightful conservation and I tie his shoes for him.
  • Son get’s a tattoo of a ice cream cone on his arm and insist he needs to find someone  in particular to show it off. Finds a girl his age from his pre-school (and was in his VBS class) named Ella and shows her.
  • My wife takes both to the “Tattoo Parlor” so she can get one.
  • I’m still holding a wheelie in my spot.
  • Finally ready to go.
  • Hungry
  • Must Eat!
  • Arrive at Wendy’s
  • Order Double burger, spicy asiago, Fries, soda
  • Drive to bad Mcdonald’s
  • That is what we call this one… The bad Mcdonald’s
  • Wait 15 minutes in line before we can pull up to place order.
  • Plenty of cars behind us.
  • Order one small strawberry shake (for the boy. he was good today)
  • Informed that all shake machines are out of order
  • Can’t get out of line and it will take 10 minutes before I can escape so I don’t want to be empty handed
  • Order a parfait
  • 15 minutes later. Son happy with treat.
  • Drive to park to eat.
  • Finish both burgers and most of fries before wife done with her burger. nom nom nom nom
  • Wait for everyone to finish.
  • Gather bags up and open door to walk to trashcan to deposit trash.
  • Close door, look at wife and tell her I forgot I can’t walk.
  • Wife takes care of trash.
  • Drive home
  • Take dog out
  • Boy tired, put him to bed
  • Take dog out
  • Play a little Civilization III
  • Take dog out (what the heck?)


  • Son wakes up after an extended nap.
  • It’s dinner time and I forgot to set out the ground beef to thaw to make dinner
  • Take dog out (Now he’s just showing off I think)
  • Back in van and on road
  • Decide on Mcdonald’s in Locust Grove
  • Traffic 😦
  • Large sweat tea, 2 McDoubles, Medium mocha frappe (wasn’t going to get that but the wife wanted one and I have no will power when it comes to frappes)
  • Park and eat
  • Drive home
  • Plug Wii in (we had a bad thunderstorm earlier)
  • Play Mario Cart with boy
  • Play Mario Bros. with boy
  • Play Just Dance 2 for kids with boy (first time)
  • It’s late but I put in Just Dance 4 for wife and I to see and I end up doing about 20 minutes worth or more. Calories burned baby!
  • Put boy to bed (2 1/2 hours past his bed time)
  • Type blog



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