Is someone switching my blades……

…. because I just got a perfect baby butt smooth shave with the same blade on it’s 6th usage! Never ever gone that many shaves with a blade. Just for the record, 6 uses is about all I could get from a cartridge and one Mach3 cartridge costs about $2.50. One Personna blade cost about $0.14. Do you see why I switched?

So the line up today consisted of The Body Shop Maca Root shave cream and their Arber aftershave balm. The Personna blade in the Edwin Jagger DE87 and an Omega Synthetic. I’m a hard core face latherer but today I decided to give bowl lathering a day in the spot light. Now the mug, though made for just such a thing, doesn’t work that well as your brush knocks around a lot. A soup bowl is much easier to use but I gave it to my little brother with his shave kit I put together last December. This Omega brush feels much better on the skin once the lather has worked itself into the brush really well and that’s the main reason I did the bowl.

I was surprised to have achieve the shave of all shaves with only 3 strokes. I attribute this to the razor which I find aggressive and makes any blade feel like a ninja sword.

Oh? You want photo? Okay.



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