Diet and shave

Yeah. A combo post. Yes I just said “DIET”. Yes I will explain… I guess. The past 2 days were subpar. I certainly didn’t stick to the lifestyle I am trying to achieve. Nothing but fast food and pizza. Basically I feel like I am yo-yoing and when I yo-yo I feel like I’ve been dieting. I hate the word “Dieting”. I dunno what I am saying. Tomorrow will be better! I think. Tacos for dinner tomorrow, sandwich for lunch and breakfast will probably be a banana and coffee.

Went yard sale and antiquing today. After my son went down for a nap I went back out down the street to the two junk shops and picked up 3 small cast iron pans for 7 bucks. She asked for 10, but one was lighter and made in Korea and I don’t think it’s going to clean up well. The other two I feel good about. Good made in USA type stuff. I plan on cleaning them up and prepping them so I can use them for small dishes like a couple eggs or something. It was nice to find some old ones that were trying to be resold for the price of a new one or more. She had three more hanging on the outer door, so if these clean up well I might go back and get those and get them cleaned up for gifts.


I don’t think I posted one yesterday. Same razor and blade as today. Different soap and aftershave. Can’t remember what it was. Anyway. Today is:

Edwin Jagger DE87

Personna (blue) blade (second use)

Godrej hard soap puck

Semogue 830

Aqua Velva decanted in a vintage Aqua Velva bicentennial bottle. This makes the bottle a 1976 bottle.

The Godrej scent is hard for me to describe. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Hate – Scent is iffy on me. Maybe medicinal. The lather feels like modern Williams but doesn’t dry as fast. It doesn’t give me the glide the others do.

Love – Despite all that, I get great shaves with it. No irritation. No nicks or weepers.

The DE87 is an aggressive razor for myself and I typically do no more than 3 passes with it.

Personna – Made in USA. When unwrapping I find the blade feels thicker. It is sharper than the Derby’s and feels smoother. I wonder how many shaves I can get considering it’s thickness. I’ll be switching it over to my slant tomorrow to shave my noggin.

Any questions?



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