SoTD and review of an ultra cheap DE razor

Captured on MOTOQA1I belong to a group of shaving enthusiasts on a forum called There’s a lot of us there from all over the world. The board also has a twitter and facebook page and I’m much more active on the facebook page. Anyway. One of the guys on the Facebook page had talked about reviewing razors each week. This week was for TTO razors. What is TTO stand for you might ask. It stands for Twist To Open. Also called butterfly doors. You simply twist the knob at the bottom and the doors open at the top allowing you to drop your double edge blade in. I had started the week out using my 1971 Gillette super adjustable, a.k.a. the long handle Black Beauty. After the second day I was eyeing this package I got from a contest I had won. It is a rather lightweight, cheap feeling twist to open safety razor from the Shaving Factory. I think Derby is the manufacturer.  I’ve been afraid to try it all this time because it really does feel cheap and sure nothing good can come from it, right? Well. I was wrong folks. The blade was aligned properly and held tight. The angle was a bit more shallower than my other razors. Perhaps about 20 degrees to the skin to cut.  One thing I liked about it right away was it was easier to rinse between passes compare to some of my other razors. Very easy.

So you might be wondering why I have the Nivea out. Here’s the deal. I was trying a blade I have never used before. Today was it’s 3rd shave and it had lost some sharpness and it had no smoothness to it at all. I did 5 passes instead of 4 and just totally irritated my neck area. Good news is no nicks! The soap was Williams mug soap. Why do I even still have it? When it comes to soaps it is at the bottom of the barrel in terms of performance. Perhaps I should give just a little blame to the soap for my discomfort.



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