SoTD 4/18/13

Took a photo this morning but forgot what I did with the photo. I’ll just use photos from online. Couldn’t get one of the soap. 


Edwin Jagger DE87
Semogue 830
Tcheon Fung Sing Freschezza Polare

Simply a two pass shave today. Cheeks are BBS and below is DFS
Ya’ll haven’t seen me use the TFS much. I spent 14 or 15 dollars for it (WCS) and scent wise it can make my eyes water. It’s like having Vicks Vaporub under your eyes. Strong strong stuff. As for how it works I’d put this as my top croap. Yeah. It beats out Cella in performance *GASP*. It’s lather is slick and creamy and thick and it doesn’t take a lot of swirling or water to achieve that. I think it is the most expensive soap I have bought. I’m not sure if it will get renewed based on price. Hmmm. They do have a hard soap for less and the soft soaps are coming in screw top containers now. Things for me to think about I guess.

Items used: 




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