SoTD 4/16/13 Video

Instead of a photo I decided to do a quick 11 minute video of me. Shaving head and face with the EJ 87 and Kiss my face Cool mint. I did it so fast because it said I only had about 11 minutes of video left to shoot. I wore a shirt to keep it friendly for the eyes and the aftershave today was Speick.


One thought on “SoTD 4/16/13 Video

  1. This was the best performance the Omega synthetic gave so far. There really isn’t much stiffness to the bristles to make it reasonable for a puck of soap. This was the first time using it with a cream and it was much much better. Also, if the Speick aftershave was half the price it is now, I’d have 5 or 6 bottles on the shelf. The scent is interesting but it’s the effect on the skin that really makes me smile! Simply one of the better, good for your skin, aftershaves out there that doesn’t cost an arm and two legs.. just an arm at about $14 for 100ml


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