Day 76 – ugh

Difficult few days. Okay, make it several days! I’m still holding steady at 216 and 218. I had two days straight of eating out. The first day was because I was driving all over the place and the second day was a sick boy that I had to take care of and for several weeks I’ve had this back pain. More specific it is should, back and neck. I went to the doctor and he said it was a pulled muscle and thanks to the increased ibuprofen and muscle relaxants, I’ve gotten about 2 days of decent sleep! So ready for the pain to go away!

This post is being made mid day so it wont include my dinner. Of course you can always go to to see my food diary. So far my breakfast and lunch has been great, but I’m lacking in water right now. I’m sure I’ll get that up as the day goes on. I really need to be good today and tomorrow as Sunday will be a curve ball. What I really need to do is the my bicycle tires pumped up and do some riding!


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