3/21/13 SoTD

I should really keep this portion of my blog up to date.  So I received another straight razor, this time from a fellow veteran. He included other things in the package. Here’s a photo.

Captured on MOTOQA1

The straight is going to take some practice and I’ve used it once with decent results. The real surprise is the GEM open comb micromatic, or OCMM. I have felt no urge to use my bullet-tip or featherweight since I first shaved with it. Today was my 3rd shave with it and 4th shave with the same blade. Normally I toss the blade after 2 uses but it is still doing great and I have less than 10 blades to see me through the year. The Masters Bay Rum is new to me also. A fella I gave some Mama Bear samples to sent it to me.  It’s a pretty simple aftershave consisting of water, bay leaf wood oil, sd alcohol and two coloring agents. It has a pleasant warm scent/feel to it and does a good job of keeping my face from feeling dry. The Lea shave cream is for sensitive skin and was given to me also. I’m determined to finish it up and then move on to another. It requires a bit more on the brush than C.O. Bigelow, but the scent is a clean pleasant scent and it does a good job on my face.

Captured on MOTOQA1



Back to the OCMM. I found I can shave with it in two different positions  One with the slant part of the head flat against my skin and the other is with it at a slight angle from that. For the AGT pass I find it flushed against the skin to be best for avoiding nicks and irritation. I sure wish I stocked up on single edge blades before the year started. I’m not going to break my shaving purchase restraint! Oh. Did I mention how loud that razor is? Well it’s a lot more audible than the others. Music to my ears!


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