Day 65

So in a weeks time I lost 4 pounds. One of those pounds came two days after eating a heavy salty fatty breakfast! Speaking of heavy, salty and fatty. I was doing so well today until I hurt my back/neck again and then an allergy attack flared up and I had to start consuming Benadryl to combat the effects. I had dinner pretty much prepped but by the time it was for me to start cooking I just began to feel crappy and lost interest in cooking. I told myself I would get one grilled chicken with no mayo and be done with it but, as usual, as I started to place my order it grew and grew. This is why I avoid eating out! No self control on that stuff.

Well no biggie. My self confidence is through the roof. I know I can be good for a long time after and eat the right things. Oh, and I found out that brussell sprouts with a bit of sriracha sauce is pretty darn good!


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