Day 43. What a great day!

Made omelets for everyone this morning. Egg, 2 for adults, a light cheese wedge (garlic and herb). I rolled it up in an Ole Spinach tortilla wrap for my wife and I. I just love the Ole brand tortillas! We went to church, got my “spiritual hug” for the week and on the way home I passed a calf in a pasture that was picking up a large sheet of plastic and tossing it up in the air and then pouncing on it. I would have loved to pull over and watch but I couldn’t. For dinner I gave my son a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and for my wife and I,  I grilled some chicken, sliced it, and put it on a tomato and herb tortilla with a tad of light mayo, topped with spinach leaves, onion, turkey bacon and tomato (for myself, wife doesn’t like raw tomatoes). Sent my son off for a nap because he is just not getting enough sleep. It has dark circles under his eyes 24/7 these days.  He’s been getting 8 to 9 hours sleep in a 24 hour period. He simply doesn’t like to sleep. Anyway. While he, dog and wife took naps I pondered what I was going to do with one pound lean ground beef. I wanted to do something that I haven’t made for them in awhile or at all. I had a couple slices of bread left, veggies….. and then it hit me. Meatloaf! Never made meatloaf to be honest but I made it healthy as can be. Half the mixture was vegetables! Added 4 tablespoons of some good barbecue sauce and baked it int he oven. served it up with fresh cucumbers and a side of corn. I was meticulous added up the calories and one plate was only 420 calories! I kid you not. I’m sitting here with an extra 350 calories that can be used for a snack but I’m gonna resist and just drink water.

So what made today a “great” day? My son could not stop telling me how good it all was and thanking me and after dinner he gave me a hug! Ya know. I think hugs from your children are the best hugs in the entire universe!

I’ve noticed some weight loss journey bloggers (that follow, or I follow them)  have had a few bad food days lately. Don’t sweat it! Shrug it off and just jump back on. It’s never easy but you know it becomes easy after a few days. You can do this and I believe in you!


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